A Flu-O-Cil Forte Tablets – Say Good Bye To Viral Infections And Fever With Just One Medicine

aflu-o-cil forte tablets

Viral infections and fever are very common, especially during the weather changes. Almost 80% of the persons get infected by viral or bacterial infections during the weather changes. That is why today I will discuss about a wonderful Ayurvedic medicine that can be very useful in the treatment of viral infections as well as fever and headache. I am talking about A Flu-O-Cil Forte Tablets. It is indicated for fever, headache, cough, cold, allergic rhinitis, running nose, and other viral and bacterial infections. Read this article to know the details about the benefits and uses of this medicine. You will also get to know about the dosage part of this medicine at the end of this article.  Now, without taking your more time, let me tell you about the benefits and uses of A Flu-O-Cil Forte Tablets.

A Flu-O-Cil Forte Tablet is one of the most effective and famous Ayurvedic medicines. It is prepared by using several natural herbs and minerals like Shuddha hingul, trikatu choorna, pippalimoola, shuddha tankana, kajjali, shankha Bhasma, shuddhadhatturbej, chinnamon leaf, lavang, bilva, nagakeshar, etc. All these ingredients make this medicine very effective against a lot of diseases. It has several properties, such as anti – viral, antibacterial, anti – allergic, anti – inflammatory, calmative, etc. This Ayurvedic medicine is used for the treatment of chronic and mild fever, headache, cough, cold, throat pain, allergic rhinitis, running nose, viral or bacterial infection, typhoid, flu, and other seasonal diseases. Not only this, A Flu-O-Cil Forte Tablet is also very useful in the treatment of Chikungunya as well.

Its anti – viral and antibacterial properties boost up the immunity as well as it helps the body in fighting against the viral and bacterial infections. This medicine also helps in maintaining the proper body temperature. This is a wonderful solution for so many seasonal diseases. It has some amazing pain reliever properties that help in reducing pain present in any body part. This is all over about the benefits and uses part of this medicine. Now it’s time to talk about the dosage part of A Flu-O-Cil Forte Tablet.



Patient’s can take 1 – 2 tablets, two – three times in a day with lukewarm water or as per the doctor’s advice. The dosages are not fixed. It varies according to the condition of the patient. This medicine contains some heavy metals; therefore it should be taken only under strict medical supervision. Children, pregnant and lactating mothers should take this medicine only after consulting with a doctor.

Now, you may have a question in your mind why you should take this medicine instead of your other conventional medicines? Friends, Ayurveda is one of the most ancient treatment options. The best part of using an Ayurvedic medicine is that it doesn’t have any side effect for your body. They are completely safe and natural. One more thing that makes Ayurveda more effective is that Ayurvedic medicines treat the main cause of the diseases as well as its symptoms. But the conventional medicines treat the symptoms of the diseases instead of working on the root cause of that health ailment as Ayurvedic medicines do. I hope this article will be very useful for you in dealing with different health ailments.

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