Permanent Cure For Herpes

Is there a permanent solution for herpes? Can one get rid of herpes by any means? There has been a lot of discussion about which one is better- medication or natural remedies, but can any one of them cure herpes? If we talk about antiviral cure, you must know they act instantly to relieve pain, itching and all other kind of symptoms of herpes. This is known to every herpes patient but only a few know about the side effects these antiviral medications have in long run for you.nausea, vomiting and headache for herpes infection All the antiviral medications have some temporary and permanent effects that are not good for your body. For

For instance the most commonly prescribed medicines for treating the outbreak of herpes induce nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, and kidney problems in patients who rely on these medicines even when they don’t have any herpes outbreak. These are the drugs which are approved by FDA and are being prescribed by every doctor to all the herpes patients for herpes cure.

Over and above that these antivirals are not a permanent solution to your problem of herpes. One can reduce the frequency as well as intensity of outbreaks but antivirals cannot take you even one step closer to killing the herpes simplex virus. Antivirals once were thought to be a cure for herpes but in reality they are a medium of masking the symptoms temporarily and the virus can once again become active anytime it wants. For this reason natural remedies came into picture.

Natural Treatment Option For Herpes

Home or Natural remedies are made up of natural products that are high in effectiveness and low in side effects. Natural remedies are in trend these days. Everyone is talking about going natural. But have you ever thought about a perfect answer that can resolve all the queries of herpes patients? Some of the natural cures that are found to be more effective than the traditional approaches are honey, black coffee, licorice root, aloe vera, lysine, tea tree oil, olive oil and even coconut oil can be used for treating herpes. Genital Herpes InfectionYou can apply cotton dipped in baking soda, or tea tree oil or oregano oil if you really don’t want to see those painful sores once again.

Being a herpes patient you must have dreamt of herpes cure that can treat your body permanently. Today we will answer the most typical question related to herpes- is there a permanent answer to the sufferings of all the herpes patients? First let us talk about the uses of the two methods of treating herpes- medication and natural remedies. One is instant in terms of results and another is gradual but beneficial for long term health. You should of course not play with your future health just to get relief for a few minutes. Especially something like herpes requires no compromise with your health and immune system because you know that it gradually becomes less effective.

Treating Herpes Infection 

Comparing the two methods of treating herpes is alright but what about the perfect answer to herpes? Is there something on this earth that can really make you free of herpes virus? The question is tricky, and so is the answer. The perfect answer to the unsolved mystery of herpes lies in your own mind. Yes, it is not possible to cure herpes yet, but it is completely possible to treat it like an infection. The day you start looking at it like an infection, the entire world will automatically change. Even if you are also infected with herpes you do not consider herpes patients normal which include your own self too.



You have to change your self in order to change the society. When you talk about herpes nobody is ready to accept that they have it. Once you start treating herpes as just an infection. And not a punishment given by God for ones sins and crimes, half of your victory will be confirmed. By neutralizing the mental impact of herpes, you can defeat the virus by making it less powerful.

If you are a long time sufferer of herpes, then you know all too well about the discomfort and symptoms that show up at the most unexpected times. But no matter for how long you are suffering from herpes now. You have no idea about controlling the herpes reoccurrences. You might be unaware of the fact that it is your fear for the herpes virus. And the stress about being infected that triggers the herpes virus again and again. You will get a clear and perfect answer for herpes cure once you clear up all the myths from our mind and look for facts.

Treating Herpes Simplex Virus

herpes virus for herpes infectionYou know herpes simplex virus is the causative organism behind the herpes infection. You also know that anyone who is sexually active can get herpes. Then why do you treat all the herpes patients abnormally? The day you accept herpes patients, society will automatically accept everyone infected with herpes. And once you accept the fact, all your doubts will melt and you will have a clear perspective about herpes.

This clear perspective will help you win over herpes outbreaks. If you really have answer for what is herpes. You will automatically know how to defeat the virus and live a happy and normal life despite of having herpes. This will give the answer to all the questions that pop up every now. And then in your mind from the day you were diagnosed with herpes.

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