Keep your mobile away from bed- Mobile Risk Factors

Mobile risk factors, today everyone is familiar with this word, Mobile. Not even word most of the people is familiar with the mobile as well. Today in this informative world the mobile has become an integral part of our lives. We can’t  even imagine our life without mobile. From using internet to calling mobile has eased our lives with its services. But are you aware that a mobile can harm you. Yes it is true a mobile can harm you in many ways.

Some Mobile Risk Factors Are 

Today most of us sleep with our mobile. We spent around 7-8 hours a day sleeping with our mobile but it hasn’t harmed yet, right? But my brother it’s time for youKeep Your Mobile Away from Bed to stay healthy to wakeup now. It is not compulsory that if it hasn’t harmed you yet then it will not harm you in the future. You might have listened to some news about the burst of mobile that was kept under the pillow and suddenly it blasted and harmed that user. This is not only news but is a warning sign that wants to aware about the mobile risk factors for those who used to sleep with their mobiles.

What Is The Effect Of Blue Light On Eyes Radiated From The Mobile

There are other risk factors of mobile as well. If you sleep with your mobile then it can give you sleepless nights. Its radiation may affect your nervous system. As your nervous system gets affected, it will result in some of the physical problems as well. When you wake up in the morning you will feel lazy, may not feel well and many other health issue as well. Continuous use of mobile may harm your eyes. It will also impact your eyesight that may create additional problems for you.  It can also affect your neck and you may feel pain.

Blue light is something that has been produced by cell phones. Several studies have shown that blue lights can inhibit the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Blue light emits wavelengths similar to daylight and this makes your body think that it is day time and therefore it doesn’t produce enough the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin that is important in sleeping process.

Several scientific studies have found that mobile phones can affect on brain activity, reaction time may differ, sleep, ears, eyes, fertility, and behavior. Keep Your Mobile Away from Bed to stay healthy According to Dr Sarah Loughran of the Australian center for electromagnetic bio-effects research at the University of Wollongong- “We can now say that exposure to radiation before bed – at a level equivalent to making a call on a mobile for 30 minutes – does seem to lead to a small increase in electrical activity in the brain, this happens mainly in the stage of non-rapid eye movement sleep that occurs either side of deep sleep.

We don’t yet know what these findings may mean.” Some studies claim that excessive use of mobile can cause problems such as nausea, dizziness, headache, tinnitus and insomnia but these symptoms are controversial as there isn’t a single full proof evidence that can prove these statements right. Still we can’t deny the risk factor of mobile under the pillow therefore it could be better for you not to sleep with your mobile.

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